Техника Милефиори - Millefior techniques

Millefior techniques

Техника Милефиори специално за Ива.

This is almost megical technique that imitated a huge boom in the use of polymer clays during the 1980s and '90s. Polymer clay can be used to create 'canes' of millefiori (which literally means one thousand flowers) in a way that simulates the age-old glass making techniqu from which it takes its name. While lacking the transparency of glass, polymer clay has
the same ability to be built into a cane, with a pattern running.

Reducing cane

The simplest way to reduce a round cane is to roll it on your work surface, although this can produce distrtion.

Slising canes

When your cane is reduced to the size you want, it is time to slice it. Lay it on your surface and cut off the distorted ends. Looking down onto the cane, hold your blade as vertically as you can and cut down firmly in one cut.


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